5 Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney

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dog bite lawyer

Dogs are usually man’s best friend, but on the rare occasion that a dog turns and attacks, victims need options for retrieving compensation. After all, most people do not realize how much a dog attack can cost – from the lost wages to medical costs to the pain and suffering. Some dog attack victims are…

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Pet Regulations: Are There Dangerous Animal Laws in PA?

Categories: Safety Tips


All states have some laws in place that regulate dangerous dogs and prevent those animals from attacking people in the future. However, every state is different with how they classify a “dangerous” animal. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are dangerous animal laws. Under the statute, a dangerous dog is one that has: Injured another…

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Top 5 Dog Attack Questions and Answers

Categories: Dog Attacks

dog attack

A dog attack is an especially traumatic. Whether you knew the animal or not, you may find yourself in a state of confusion after the incident. You will most likely have a lot of questions. Naturally, it is best to speak with a dog attack attorney for answers. However, while you wait for your consultation,…

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