Statistics From 2015 Regarding Dog Bites and Liability

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dog bite statistics

In a 2015/2016 survey by the American Pet Products Association, it was estimated that there are about 77.8 million dogs owned in the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, with about 885,000 requiring medical attention for those injuries. It…

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What Insurance Coverage Pays for a Dog Bite Injury Case?

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Insurance in Dog Bite Injury

After an animal attack, an injured person may have medical costs, lost wages, and other emotional damages associated with the injuries. While the animal’s owner may be at fault, the damages for these types of cases are paid by the homeowner’s or business insurance. The insurance that covers the dog bite depends on the type…

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Five Tips for Handling a Dog Fight

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dog fight

Even the happiest, most socialized dog in the world can engage in a fight. It could be with the neighbor’s dog or even another dog residing in your home. Unfortunately, when these fights break out, it is an owner’s instinct to step in and stop it. But, doing so can lead to serious injuries, and…

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How Do I Handle an Aggressive Dog?

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aggressive dog

When a dog growls, lunges, barks, or acts unsociable, these are warning signs that it has a aggressive tendencies. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog will attack, and it is natural for a dog to bark when its territory is threatened, it is important to know how to handle an aggressive dog if…

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Can You Identify a Pit Bull? What About Other Vicious Breeds?

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pit bull

There is probably no other demand for breed identification and accuracy more important than that of the pit bull. Pit bulls are listed as one of the most dangerous breeds of dog. Even though the large majority registered in the country are loving and gentle, they have a preponderance to cause harm, and even kill…

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