Can You Identify a Pit Bull? What About Other Vicious Breeds?

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There is probably no other demand for breed identification and accuracy more important than that of the pit bull. Pit bulls are listed as one of the most dangerous breeds of dog. Even though the large majority registered in the country are loving and gentle, they have a preponderance to cause harm, and even kill when the condition is right. That is why it is imperative that you be able to identify a pit bull – especially if you need to identify the dog that attacked you or a loved one.

Once you add in the pit bull mix, which is common, identification becomes a little more complex. Luckily, there are some features that can help you better decide if the dog you are facing was, in fact, a pit bull.

Features of Pit Bulls

Even pit bull mixes will generally carry some of these features – but it will depend on the portion of pit bull that the dog actually has. Some features that you can look for include:

  • Short, hard, and glossy fur with any type of color or markings;
  • Ears that are cropped or medium-sized, and folded downward;
  • Broad, blocky back skull region;
  • Jaws that are wide and give the appearance of a grin when the dog opens their mouth;
  • Stocky, well-muscled figure;
  • Weight of 30 to 80 pounds as an adult;
  • High activity level;
  • Engages in jumping and tugging when active;
  • Muzzle is not pointed;
  • Eyes are deep and set, and have a triangular shape when viewed from the side;
  • Front legs are straight and give the overall body a massive, solid look;
  • Tail is located low down in the hindquarters and has a thick base that tapers at the end;
  • Quick reactivity times, and can become quickly aroused around other pets.

What About Puppies?

Puppies typically have the same features as an adult, but younger pit bulls may have shorter muscles. Additionally, their chest and head depth may be not as fully developed or identifiable.

What About Other Breeds?

Pit bulls are the number one most vicious dog – with the highest number of attacks on children and adults, and the largest volume of dog attack-related deaths. But, they are not the only breed that is dangerous. Some other breeds that you should be able to identify include:

  1. Great Danes
  2. Siberian Huskies
  3. Chows
  4. Presa Canarios
  5. Alaskan Malamutes
  6. German Shepherds
  7. Doberman Pinschers
  8. Staffordshire Terriers
  9. Rottweilers
  10. Akitas
  11. Wolf-Hybrids

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