Where Does Dog Bite Compensation Come From?

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dog bite compensation

After you or someone you love has been injured by a vicious dog attack, you may be wondering how you will receive compensation. You already know that you are entitled to compensation for things like medical costs, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering, but where does the compensation come from? You cannot sue the animal directly; rather, you will be filing your claim against the owner or party responsible for the animal’s behavior.

Depending on the situation, the animal bite injury claim may be paid by one or more parties.

The Defendant’s Homeowner Insurance Policy

In most cases, the defendant’s homeowner insurance policy will cover all liability arising from the dog’s attack. The average amount of liability on a homeowner insurance policy typically ranges from $100,000 to as much as one million dollars. But, the average homeowner will typically carry the minimum, which is under $300,000.

Auto Insurance

While it might seem strange, some auto insurance policies do cover animal bites, as long as they occurred in the car, or if the dog jumped from the back of a truck to attack someone. When this happens, the claim is often split between the auto insurer and the defendant’s homeowner insurance policy.

Animal Insurance Coverage

The dog owner may have special insurance just for his or her pet. These insurance companies will also only cover a single bite incident. If the dog is considered a repeat-offender by the insurer, they may not compensate victims of subsequent injuries.

What if the Defendant Has No Insurance?

Just because the defendant lacks insurance coverage does not mean that you cannot seek compensation for your dog bite. You can still bring a legal claim against the owner. This may mean that the owner must use any personal assets to cover the claim – including his or her home, retirement funds, savings, etc.

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