3 Little Known Factors that Could Affect Your Dog Bite Case

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The trauma and treatments associated with a dog attack or bite are extensive. Only after a vicious attack will a victim start to understand their rights.

A dog bite in Pennsylvania is very severe, and the law offers you protections. After all, the lawmakers of the state recognize that most dog bites and attacks are preventable; therefore, they offer ways for you to hold the owner of that dog responsible.

While you have the right to collect compensation, three key factors influence the outcome of your case and the amount of compensation you could receive. Familiarize yourself with these three elements, then speak with a personal injury attorney in the state to explore your options.

What Three Factors Affect a Dog Bite Claim?

Three factors influence your case heavily. While there are more than three factors overall, these three are the most important for a dog attack victim to understand.

Factor One: Negligence or Gross Negligence?

Negligence and gross negligence are two separate theories of law. A dog’s owner is negligent when they do not use adequate fencing to prevent their dog from leaving the property. However, a grossly negligent owner is one that has a dog with previous bites and does not use specialized containment.

When an owner is grossly negligent, you might receive punitive damages. When the owner is only negligent, you do not receive punitive damages. Instead, you receive the traditional damages allowed by law.

Factor Two: Your Actions Immediately After

How you act immediately after your dog attack matters too.

For example, how long did you wait to receive medical treatment? Did you follow up with all treatment orders?

The jury also will look at your actions leading up to the attack. Did you provoke the animal? Were you trespassing on private property and the dog bit you to protect their domain? Even if a dog viciously attacks you, if you are trespassing, you are unable to receive compensation.

Factor Three: Your Attorney

The attorney you choose for a dog bite case is equally important. If you work with a general lawyer that does not have much experience in dog attack claims, you might not receive the full compensation you deserve. The laws around aggressive dogs, bites, and their associated injuries always change. So, you need an attorney that is aware of these changes and can assist you with your claim.

Injured in a Dog Attack? Contact a Pennsylvania Dog Attack Attorney

Attorney Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq. in Philadelphia understands what you and your loved ones are going through.

Dog attacks and bites are traumatic. That is why our law firm offers special assistance for those who are victims of these attacks. We are the only law firm that specializes in dog bite cases in the state; therefore, we know the latest statutes, case law that applies and can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Furthermore, we work to prevent injuries like yours in the future. When you hold a negligent pet owner responsible for their actions, you set an example to the community – ensuring others do not let their animals attack.

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