How to Keep Your Dog from Biting

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You love your dog, but you hate that he bites. No matter what you try, your pet still loves to sink those teeth into your (or someone else’s) hand, leg, foot, etc. This is not acceptable behavior for a dog, especially if you share your time with other people or animals, and most of us dog lovers do. So what can you do?

Actions You Should Take to Stop Your Dog from Biting

If you take the correct steps, especially when your dog is still a puppy, there is a high probability that you can eliminate biting behavior in your dog before it is too late. In cases of serious injury, you could face very extreme consequences, and your dog may be put down. Research how to stop your dog from biting, and do the right thing before a tragedy occurs.

Socialize your dog. If you take the time to gradually introduce your dog to different stimuli, such as people, situations, terrains, locations, etc., your pet is less likely to be frightened or anxious when out of the usual surroundings.

Spay or neuter. This responsible action will lessen your dog’s desire to wander and get into fights with other dogs.

Train your pet. You can kill two birds with one stone if you take the opportunity to train your dog in a professional training class, because you will also be socializing him with other dogs and people during the training. If other people live with you, they should be involved in the training as well. Attend dog training sessions yourself so you learn the strategies to control your dog directly.

Good Behavior Can Be Taught

If your dog is just a puppy, you have a good chance to train your pet not to bite. If you start educating very early that biting is not acceptable, you can eliminate this problem before it becomes a real danger. The secret is to reward good behavior and not reward any bad behavior, including jumping up, biting, or other bad habits. What is cute with a puppy becomes very dangerous as a dog grows. Even a small dog can inflict serious damage, particularly to little children.

There are many different methods of teaching good and bad behavior. It is recommended that you find a qualified dog trainer. Check your local Humane Society for recommendations, or do an online search for dog trainers in your area, and read reviews. Even if you are an experienced dog owner who has trained your dog, your pet can still benefit from further training classes.

Realize that you can learn to teach your dog how to act, by whether you reinforce good behavior or bad. For example, if you have a watchdog which you trained to attack other people or animals to protect you and your family, under circumstances that are not dangerous, the dog may still attack. Your dog cannot always differentiate between a real threat and a simple friendly gesture. A child running at a dog in fun, or as an attack, appears to be a similar threat to the dog, which naturally moves into attack mode, inflicting serious bites.

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