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Although many people know that they can collect compensation for dog bite medical bills, fewer people are aware that any negligent parties are also responsible for wages you lose as a result of your dog bite injuries.

Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys is committed to getting justice for dog bite victims and their families, if they missed a few days or weeks of work, or if their dog bite injuries have prevented them from ever returning to their chosen career again.

PA Dog Bite Lawyer Calculating lost wages

Calculating Lost Wages After a Serious Dog Bite

When putting together a dog bite claim, it is important to understand exactly how much money you lost by missing work because of your injury and during your recovery. In some cases, calculations will be easy. For example, if you missed a certain number of days or weeks of work, you can simply calculate your lost wages by using your salary or hourly wage. In other cases, however, calculations will be more complex. For example, you may also need to consider the following possibilities:

  • You lost out on overtime hours that you would have otherwise worked.
  • You missed out on a promotion.
  • You missed out on fringe benefits.
  • You missed out on pension benefits.
  • You lost sales commissions.
  • You lost the opportunity for a bonus.

Calculating lost wages may also be more complex if your dog bite injury resulted in a change in your position or in the loss of a higher-paying job. For example, an injury victim might find that their job is no longer available by the time they return to work. This injured party may need to take a lower paying job or may spend months on the job market looking for new work.

Philadelphia dog bite attorney Jeffrey H. Penneys will take all of these factors into consideration when calculating your lost wages, through sources like past tax returns, pay stubs, work history, and even vocational experts.

Lost Future Earnings & Lost Earning Potential

In addition to the money you lose by not working in the immediate aftermath of your dog bite injury, your income may also suffer in the future for a variety of reasons. For example, a dog attack victim who is a construction worker may be limited to working less lucrative jobs due to permanent nerve damage. Or a recent music major and college graduate may suffer a permanent dog bite injury on their hand, ending their young and promising career as a professional pianist.

While it can be extremely difficult to calculate the loss of a lifetime of earnings, a dog bite injury attorney, perhaps with the assistance of an expert economist, can do so by using the following information:

  • Your age.
  • Your education and job skills.
  • Your employment history.
  • Your salary history and lifestyle.
  • The extent of your injuries.

Suffering a career-ending or career-limiting injury can mean losing millions of dollars in future wages. It is vital that whoever was responsible for your debilitating dog bite injuries is also responsible for these losses.

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