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Nothing can take away the trauma that a dog bite victim experiences, or return one's life to exactly what it was before a dog bite injury. However, a dog attack victim can collect compensation from the people who are responsible for what happened.

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Approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States

Dog Bite Victim Jordyn Bankston - Some of the injuries sustained in a dog attack

In February 2013, the court awarded $1.1 million to Jordyn Bankston, a 15 year old boy who was attacked by a 120-pound Bullmastiff named Kong. The attack was vicious and Jordyn sustained various serious injuries. The animal escaped its enclosure and was able to attack the boy for about 10 minutes before help arrived.

It’s easy to put a price on the concrete costs of a serious dog bite injury: a victim can add up medical expenses and they can calculate lost wages. However, it is much harder to put a price tag on what dog bite attorneys call “non-economic damages.” There is no formula, chart, or book that reveals exactly how much a dog bite victim should be paid for surviving an attack, dealing with the trauma of the incident, and picking up the pieces of their life. This can be especially true for dog bite victims who are children and those who suffer serious, permanent injuries.

Philadelphia dog bite lawyer Jeffrey Harlan Penneys understands that dog bite injuries go much deeper than puncture wounds and lacerations. Because of the nature of dog attacks, clients are often scarred for life, both physically and psychologically. Anyone seriously injured by a dog should know that the at-fault party is not just responsible for economic damages. They are also responsible for non-economic damages, including:

Emotional Distress
Lost Enjoyment of Life
Pain & Suffering

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The Facts: What You Can Recover After A Dog Attack

A dog bite defendant is liable for all injuries caused by a dog attack. Suppose, for example, that the victim retreats into the street during the attack and is hit by a passing car. The dog owner is still liable under these circumstances – a dog bite injury does not have to be direct in order to be actionable in court, as long as a dog attack ultimately caused the injury. In some cases a negligent landlord might even be held liable for an attack committed by a tenant’s dog.

Pennsylvania personal injury law (which covers dog bites) allows you to recover the following amounts if they apply to you:

  • Medical expenses: Including all future medical expenses and even the cost of psychological counseling.
  • Lost earnings: This item would apply equally to a mail carrier who lost three days of work and a welder who lost his or her career due to nerve damage in the welding arm.
  • Incidental expenses: Any tangible expense arising from the attack, such as transportation fees to and from clinics, etc.
  • Pain and suffering: This compensates you for physical pain, and can be awarded in amounts that far exceed compensation for medical expenses. This also includes future pain and suffering if plastic surgery is required.
  • Mental anguish: You might experience mental anguish if, for example, you have a panic attack every time you see a dog. Children are particularly prone to this. Remember that you must first establish a physical injury before you are eligible to recover for mental anguish damages.
  • Punitive damages (in unusual cases, such as when the owner “sics” the dog on the victim).
  • Other intangible psychological losses such as loss of enjoyment of life due to partial paralysis of a limb, for example.

No Recovery...No Fees or Costs Guaranteed! All dog bite cases are handled on a contingency fee basis meaning if there is no recovery, there are no fees.

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I have been dedicated to assisting Pennsylvania dog bite victims and their families since I began practicing law in 1995. Twenty years into my practice, I still feel the same personal responsibility and compassion toward my clients that I did during my very first case.

I know how difficult and confusing it can be to fight against big insurance companies, especially when you are recovering from a serious dog bite injury or helping a loved one recover. My job is to take that burden off your shoulders and help you win the personal injury settlement that you need and deserve.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Humane Society of the United States, there are about 4.7 million dog bites every year in the U.S. These bites result in approximately 16 fatalities. It is important that you seek the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one have been injured in a dog bite attack.

Just compensation is not greedy, being litigation-happy, or looking for a payday. Injured victims are fighting for their lives – and determined to make sure the parties involved are held responsible for their actions (and inactions) regarding their dogs.

Filing a dog bite lawsuit doesn’t just help you and your family when faced with your injures, but it helps hold dog owners accountable for their actions. It also helps prevent what happened to you from happening to others.

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