Mr. Penneys Made the Difference

“Mr. Penneys is the best ever!!! Our puppy, Tuna, was brutally attacked by boxer at a dog daycare we used to put her in and almost died from it. The dog daycare, as well as the owners of the vicious canine refused to pay for the veterinary expenses, however the DEVOTED Mr. Penneys relentlessly engaged in our cause and helped us successfully obtain our monetary loss back. Thanks Mr. Penneys for all your effort!!!”

~Ana / Ron, Pennsylvania, dog bite injuries client

I recommend Jeff Penneys!

“Jeff is down to earth, like a personal friend. I felt super comfortable in his presence and also with his knowledge of dog bite law. I would and will highly recomend him to friends and family.”

~Raymond N., Pennsylvania, dog bite injuries client

I Can’t Recommend Him Highly Enough!!

My experience with Bucks County dog bite lawyer Jeffrey Penneys was nothing short of fantastic.

Before working with him, I had hired a local dog bite attorney to represent me in this case thinking that I had chosen wisely. This other attorney paid no attention to my case, I could never get him on the phone, I had to make appointments even to talk to his assistant who was nothing but rude. The list goes on and on. Working with Jeff Penneys was the opposite.

He was ALWAYS accessible to me and even if I had to leave a message or send an email, he ALWAYS replied to me and in the most timely manner. I usually heard from him within a few hours. My case was important to him. I never had to deal with an assistant, never had to make an appointment to talk with him. I needed to deal with most of this issue while traveling and he made that not only possible, but easy.

He was clearly on my side and didn’t just take the easy way out. He is not afraid to fight for you even when it means more work for him. My case ended up lasting much longer than I expected (more than a year longer), and he never lost interest.

He kept the case on target, adhering to deadlines, dealing well with opposing counsel and all parties involved. It’s hard to believe that I am saying this about a legal issue, but it actually was a very positive experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

~ Laura, Pennsylvania dog bite

Mr. Penneys is a friend!

“People are saying how professional he is and communicative he is, that is all true and then some, but, he has been more than that. He has been like a friend, he has congratulated me on the birth of my grand-Daughter, wished me Happy Birthday… Well, you get the idea. You will be more than satisfied and assured that you will get the best possible outcome.”

~ James Wright, Philadelphia, PA dog bite case

Child Bitten By Dog in Philadelphia

“My family hired Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Jeff Penneys 2 years ago for a dog bite that happened to our 3 year old child. Mr. Penneys could not have been a better choice. Not only did he know the dog bite law backwards and forwards, but he handled our dog bite case with the utmost respect and professionalism.

He treated us like we were friends (and I do now consider him one), and was ALWAYS available for any questions or concerns we had throughout the case. We were impressed with his legal skills, especially at the depositions of the dog owners. He was friendly yet aggressive, and had obviously impressed the defense, as they settled right before trial. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Penneys for ANY of your legal needs.”

~ Erik S., Philadelphia, PA, dog bite child case

Dog Bite Compensation Results

“I was injured by a dog, unprovoked, on a city sidewalk out front of the dog owners property. The owner of the dog was clearly liable, and even apologetic as I was carted of to the hospital in an ambulance. After a few months of my first dog bite lawyer sending the homeowner multiple letters and receiving no responses he came to the conclusion that the owner likely did not have homeowners insurance and advised I attempt to simply settle the dog bite case by asking the owners to cover basic medical bills and call it even.

Skeptical of this resolution I found “The Dog Bite Lawyer”, Jeff Penneys, whilst perusing the internet. I called the number and recounted my story. Mr. Pennies told me he would inquire more deeply into the status of the dog owners homeowners insurance.

After a few weeks Mr. Penneys sent me an email – he found insurance. I promptly switched the handling of my case to Mr. Penneys. I have been very happy with my experience with Mr Penneys and was particularly impressed by his ability to navigate around the unresponsive homeowners in order to help me pursue my right of full compensation.”

~ Ben, Philadlephia PA dog bite injuries victim

Dog Bite Settlement in Philadelphia

“Dog bite attorney Jeff Penneys handled a dog bite case for my family. It involved my 7yr. old son at the time. Jeff Penneys went the distance for my family, and got the best dog bite settlement that we could get. My son now has a significant amount of money collecting interest, until he is 18 yrs. old to look forward to. We owe this all to Mr. Penneys. Thank You Jeff for all your work.”

~ Chris, Philadelphia, PA, Father of child dog bite victim

Villanova Dog Bite Lawyer

“Jeff Penneys is one of the most knowlegeable and personable attorneys I have retained. I hired him to handle a dog bite case and also to assist with obtaining a power of attorney for my mom who has dementia. In both cases I was completely satisfied with his work as well as the people who work with him. Among the qualities I find impressive about Jeff is his abilitiy to communicate with his clients with respect and deference. In the past I have encountered lawyers whose ego far out weighs their abilities or concern for their clients. Jeff is a regular guy whose job it is to represent his clients to the best of his ability, keep them informed about their case, and always be there to answer questions and make them feel comfortable about the legal process, all of which he does extremely well. I would only hire Jeffrey Penneys and have no hesititation in recomending him to anyone for any legal matter.”

~ Dog bite injury client Maureen M., Villanova, PA

Jeffrey Harlan Penneys is your best choice if you’ve been attacked by a dog

Jeffrey Penneys did an exceptional job representing my father in his recovery of damages for an attack by a dangerous dog. Highly knowledgeable and very personable. Look no further!

~ Tom, Delaware County, PA

Dog Bite Lawsuit Testimonial Delaware County, PA

“Philadelphia dog bite lawyer Jeff Penneys turned my long held opinion about lawyers by 180 degrees. He has a style of interaction that makes you feel like an old friend. He is willing to take long shots because he knows his stuff and can play a hand.”

~ Charles D., Havertown, Pennsylvania dog bite victim

Mr. Penneys Helped with My Daughter’s Dog Bite

“Mr. Penneys is an amazing hard working dog bite attorney. My daughter was bit by a dog and the past year has been horrible. He has helped us so much and has kept us well informed of the status of her case. His response time to my questions and concerns is within minutes of asking. He is a pleasure to work with and I am so thankful to have met him and have him representing our daughter.”

~ Client Testimonial By Kristin W., Upper Dublin, PA. Delaware County

Thank you, Mr. Penneys!

“After sustaining injuries from a dog in Montgomery County, I was unsure where to go for assistance in obtaining reimbursement for emergency room care, follow up doctor visits, physical therapy and antibiotic treatments. I did not know a personal injury attorney that had this expertise so I decided to find a local dog bite lawyer based on an internet search.

This method of hiring a dog bite attorney can be risky, I knew, but in this case it ended up a very smart move. I did my research online and selected several dog bite attorneys for an intial contact and consultation. I selected Jeffrey Penneys after speaking to several personal injury firms.

He was the most responsive to my initial email inquiry, and the first to also follow up with a personal phone call. He took the time to listen to the entire story of the incident and the aftermath. I was very pleased with his emphatic approach and how he provided me with a solid education and background on what to expect. He answered all of my questions in an unrushed and thorough manner. He established trust, and as a busy executive, I appreciated knowing that all I had to do was turn over the facts to him and his expertise would take it from there, relieving me from the burden of the ongoing management required to obtain restitution.

During the legal process, he was in touch regularly, explained options, next steps, and provided ongoing counsel. The end result was most favorable due to his diligent work and expertise. I would highly recommend Jeffrey Penneys as a talented Philadelphia dog bite lawyer who provides unparalled support and attention to your dog attack case, on your terms, with your best interests in mind.”

~ Carol F, dog bite injuries victim, Montgomery County Pennsylvania

A Dog Bite Lawyer You Can Trust

“When it comes to personal injury, it’s difficult to know who to turn to; whom you can trust. My case involved a dog attack and when I went looking for an attorney to answer some basic questions and assist in the decision-making process about whether or not to litigate, there was a long list. I found Mr. Jeffrey Penneys’ firm and did extensive research into the types of cases they were prepared to handle. Once satisfied that he was a good candidate, I reached out to him via email.

Imagine my surprise when, within two days, he responded. Because my case is quite unusual, he was very upfront about the need to delve further into my options. There were no immediate promises and he was extremely forthcoming which left me feeling even more confident that I’d made the right choice.

We are still in the process of litigating my case and he has kept me up-to-date every step of the way. He answers my questions – even the “stupid” ones – with patience, grace, thoughtfulness and support. I remain extremely confident in his professional skill and wholly appreciate his ability to take what is often confusing legal language and translate it into lay-terms to ensure I fully understand the proceeding and requirements.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity afforded here to support Mr. Penneys as a consummate professional and an attorney I would highly recommend.”

~ Jana, Dog Bite Victim, Montgomery County, PA

Pitbull Attack Lawsuit Philadelphia

“Mr. Penneys represented my 6 year old daughter who was attacked by a Pit Bull, resulting in permanent scarring on her face. I had contacted other dog attack lawyers who wouldn’t take the dog bite case because there was no homeowner’s insurance. Mr. Penneys took our dog attack lawsuit case and did a great job investigating the insurance and found it when the other dog bite lawyers didn’t. He ended-up suing and in court, he ran circles around the other lawyer. We won over $500k! I will never use any personal injury lawyer other than Mr. Penneys again! Thank you, Jeff!”

~ Nelson P., Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Pitbull attack